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Each one of our "Best Wedding Cake Flavors" has been tried and tested countless times. We wanted it to meet all our expectations taste wise and quality wise. We believe each one is as flavorful and delicious as it can be.

 We hope you enjoy them. 



Organic apricot jam and cinnamon spiced honey buttercream paired with our sweetened and moist vanilla cake 


Moist and fluffy vanilla cake layers with lots of multi-colored sprinkles mixed throughout and topped with whipped vanilla buttercream. Best Birthday Cake ever!

Layers of moist and fluffy spice cake are infused with warm and aromatic chai spices and frosted with a rich and creamy browned butter bourbon icing. 


Our "berry" delicious almond cake made with organic blueberries infused throughout the cake and other berries, raspberry, strawberries and blackberries complementing each other in our light and amazing Swiss buttercream icing



 Rich layers of moist chocolate cake are filled with a chocolate truffle filling and frosted in chocolate buttercream frosting.

         A chocolate lover's delight                


Traditional pistachio cake filled with layers of organic raspberry This Pistachio Raspberry Cake is brimming with nutty and sweet pistachio flavor. It is loaded with pistachios in the cake layers, filling, and frosting. The pistachio flavor is complimented nicely by the tangy, organic raspberries making for a delightful combination




  Citrus and tangy lemon cake made from organic lemons and flavored with real, imported limoncello liqueur, filled and topped with whipped

cream cheese frosting


Light and fluffy vanilla cake paired with tropical passion fruit, a type of berry with a distinct aroma mixed with seeds and sweet and sour flavor -  topped with buttercream and layered with organic passion fruit jam


  Dark chocolate cake paired with Oreo Cookie crumbles and cream  a birthday party favorite and one of our 5 most popular!


The most decadent cake of all, it features  chocolate, caramel, and peanuts, wrapped in our delicious homemade chocolate cream, just like the famous candy bar



Our German Chocolate Cake has a toasted pecan and coconut filling. The icing is layered between moist chocolate cake and topped with chocolate buttercream

Classic and delicious vanilla cake layers with a hint of cream and imported Fiori Di Sicilia extract topped with silky buttercream made in our kitchen from organic vanilla beans


A moist and delicious crimson-brown cake with cocoa powder and a soft You see, it's called “red velvet” both because of the cake's signature crimson color, but also because of its velvety texture. You see, it's called “red velvet” both because of the cake's signature crimson color, but also because of its velvety texture.



Classic carrot cake is a sweet and moist spice cake, full of freshly cut organic carrots and toasted nuts, and covered in our light cream cheese icing. 


A yellow and milk chocolate classic, like your mom used to make Yellow cake is a rich vanilla cake. The richness of the cake comes from the extra yolks, which amplifies the vanilla flavor from the extract ...


******NOTE: If you do not see the flavor you would like, please let us know.
We can accommodate any of the best wedding cake flavors you want for a nominal up charge.

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