Wedding Cake & Cake Order Questions Answered

How much do you charge for a wedding cake?

Our wedding cake prices start at $7 a slice and can go up depending upon complexity of design.


Why is fondant more expensive?

Fondant requires ingredients that are more expensive than the ones that go into traditional icing. It also requires more time to prepare, work with and finish. 


Do you offer custom flavors? 

Yes. If you do not see the flavor you want on our menu let us know and we will create a custom flavor for you. For example, our Vanilla Raspberry flavor can become Vanilla Strawberry.


Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver inside San Diego city limits for $50 and outside city limits including the County of San Diego for $100. Pick up is free. For cakes that are 2 tiers and larger delivery is required.


Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Yes, of course!


Can our cake have more than 1 flavor?

Yes, each tier can have its own flavor.


Do you have options for dietary conscious people?

We have gluten free and peanut free options. We do not do vegan cakes.


How much advance notice do you need for a cake order?

We prefer a 2 week notice but depending upon the time of year and how busy we are we sometimes can accommodate cake orders with a 7 day notice.