"Elegance is the only

beauty that never fades."



We believe working with a full-service wedding planner is essential to ensure a beautiful and stress-free celebration, just as you envisioned. Need a planner? We are happy to share our preferred list of professionals.  

Please contact us at: info@violetcakeco.com

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        The First Cut


Custom Wedding Cake Design


Choose your design and the number of tiers you need.

Tier sizes:

6"  serves 12

8"  serves 24

10" serves 36

12"  serves 48.


Add edible flowers, fondant figures, or palette painted flowers. Rustic elements, metallic flecks or lacy stencils. From $1,700. 



                                                                               Decor Options

    3D Sugar Work

    Edible Flowers 

    Fruit Topping 

    Fondant Icing 


Available Customizations


 Cake Flavors

  Cake frosting

Cake Filling


Services Offered at no charge

Zoom Consultations are included at no charge with a $35 order of a

To-go Tasting Box. The $35 will be refunded if you book your cake with Violet Cake Co. 

Delivery and Setup

Complimentary Cake Stand

Deposits are required for all orders.

      Please be advised that we do not hold dates. Your deposit is the only way to secure your date. You are not considered "booked" until your deposit has been received.

We accept Cash, PayPal, Zelle and Venmo.

     We recommend at least a 3-4 month lead time as we take a limited number of cake orders each week. 

For your guests, add:

Swirled cupcakes with sprinkles- $35/dozen

Mini swirled cupcakes with sprinkles- $30/dozen

Cake Pops- $35/dozen

Custom Designed Cake Pops- $55/dozen

Cupcakes with Special Designs (Succulents, Rosettes) - $75/dozen

Monogrammed Cookies- $95/dozen

Additional tiers-

8" - $ 216 (serves up to 24)          10" - $ 324 (serves up to 36)      12" -   $ 405 (series up to 45)

Back up cakes-

8"  - $144           10"-   $216        12"  - $288

What's Included with the "Cutting Cake"

*Complimentary to-go tasting box if you book with Violet Cake Co.

      *Set-up including flowers, topper and/or other cake decor supplied by you

Delivery - $125

       (Complimentary Delivery with the addition of 2 cake tiers or 5 dozen cupcakes)


"We never knew a wedding cake could look and taste good. For so many guests- we were so surprised!"

Thank you Malissa

-Blake & Kristin

"I honestly couldn't believe

this was really OUR cake! It was exactly what I had pictured.

I almost cried."

-Austin & Emily



"Thank you for bringing us a little piece of paradise."

-Janie & Nathan