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Do you charge for delivery? 

Yes, we charge $50 inside San Diego city limits and $100 outside city limits.


Do you have vegan or other options?

We have gluten free and peanut free options. We do not do vegan.


Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Yes, of course!


Do you offer tastings?

Yes, we do. The fee for the tasting is $30 which is deducted from your final cost. You may sample up to 5 flavors.

Is fondant more expensive than buttercream?

Yes, it is. The ingredients are more costly and it takes longer to work with. 


Can we choose more than 1 flavor for our wedding cake? 

Yes, you can do 1 flavor per tier. All our flavors are listed on the flavors page.


Do you have a minimum order for a wedding cake?

Yes, $350 (at the present time however, we are making exceptions to this due to COVID).