About Malissa


Malissa Sanfilippo

The Westgate Hotel

June, 2021

San Diego, California

"A true artist...it's all about perfection with Malissa Sanfilippo."

Lainie W.


Malissa Sanfilippo is a consummate artist and perfectionist, strongly motivated by the content and design of each wedding cake she creates. As a renowned cake artist, Malissa is known for the way in which she blends styles, flavors and decor into a memorable piece of timeless wedding art.

Malissa is a graduate of the University of Southern California's school of Fine Art. Since 2020 she has been applying her knowledge, talent and expertise to produce beautifully crafted wedding cakes. One of her goals is to stay informed on ongoing changes and trends in the wedding industry while also continuing to refine her knowledge of different and distinctive cultures, traditions, ideas and customs.

Recognized by Weddingrule.com as one of the top 10 wedding cake artists in San Diego County, Malissa's eye for amazing art combined with her unique flair has earned her the reputation of being among the "best of the best" in the world of cake design.  She has created wedding cakes for noted celebrities, highly celebrated sports figures and many well known members of the San Diego Community. You can admire her work wherever people gather to commemorate a special life event, from classic contemporary locations to rustic outdoor spaces and elegant coastal venues.