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Do you charge for delivery?

We charge $30 and up for delivery. If you are outside San Diego city limits, we charge $50. A cake that is more than 2 tiers requires delivery. Otherwise, pick up is free.

Do you have vegan or other options?


We have gluten free and peanut free options. We do not do vegan.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?


Do you do tastings and consultations?

Yes, we charge $30 for all tastings which includes a 30 minute consultation. The $30 will be deducted from your final cost. If you are practicing social distancing you may pick up a cake tasting box and follow up with a scheduled virtual consultation. You can schedule a tasting below:

We charge $7.00 a serving depending upon complexity of the cake. We also have an easy payment plan that you can sign up for. Click on "Payment Plan": 

Is fondant more expensive than buttercream?

Yes. The ingredients cost us more and it takes longer to work with.

What is your minimum order for a wedding cake?


Can we choose more than 1 flavor for our cake?

Yes. Click on "Flavors" for a list.

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2907 Shelter Island Dr 105-235

San Diego CA 92106