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How much is it going to cost? This is the "bottom line." This is actually a tricky question to answer as it really depends on what you would like and what it is going to take to get you there. Because you are here on our website and particularly because you are visiting this page, you have probably made the decision to go down an elevated, custom route for your wedding.There are only so many days in the year and for that reason, we are limited in the number of cakes we can create. So having said all this and after taking this into consideration, how much should I invest in a wedding cake? 

Main Things to Consider when thinking about a Cake Bakery in San Diego

1.  The Size of the Wedding Cake

The cost of the wedding cake will go up or down depending upon the number of servings you will need. 

Many factors are considered when determining the cost of a custom wedding cake. Costs are determined by the number of servings needed, thtype of decor being used and the number of hours required for design, creation, construction and completion.

Our style can be clean, classic and simple to natural, rustic, modern, contemporary or elegant. We customize for your event and taste, based on your vision and our artistic license. Our passion lies in elements of artistry, taste, quality and service. We use only the finest organic ingredients outsourced by local San Diego vendors whenever possible. No matter what your preferred style is, note that your custom cake investment is well worth the effort and time it takes to produce it.


2. Design & Decorating

Icing is what dresses your cake. Just like in the fashion world, there are many ways to show up perfectly dressed for the occasion.  If you are a "less is more" type of person and prefer minimal decoration, a cake iced in a semi naked style or a horizontal stripe checks the boxes. A smooth buttercream finish is elegant in its simplicity. Are you thinking about something more detailed? or something which incorporates more design elements? There are countless stencils, hand painted designs, "appliques," swirls, "ruffles," metallic flecks, formal and rustic finishes. If the natural look is your thing, a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers completes the appropriate look for any cake. Love sweets? Violet Cake Company creates hundreds of sugar flowers, feathers, waves, seashells and fondant figures to decorate and compliment your cake and theme. We've added some photos with pricing below. 

3. The Level of Service

Our service is completely end-to-end, from the initial consultation to the final cake delivery and set up. Our goal is to provide a service that is fuss free and easy giving you one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. This also gives us the opportunity to focus on the 2 of you as an individual couple. Commissioning a custom wedding cake for your special day is much like commissioning a custom wedding gown or a suit. It is a wonderful journey of discovery and Violet Cake Company is with you every step of the way.  All wedding cake pricing reflects this.

$8 per slice

2 tiers - $288

3 tiers - $576

4 tiers - $936

$14 per slice

2 tiers - $540

   3 tiers - $1,080

   4 tiers - $1,755

$16 per slice

2 tiers - $360

3 tiers - $720

  4 tiers - $1170

$10 per slice

2 tiers - $360

3 tiers - $720

  4 tiers - $1170

 $12 per slice

 2 tiers - $432

 3 tiers - $864

   4 tiers - $1404

4. Pricing


Depending upon the design of your cake, your cake will fall into one of the following categories.

Send us a photo and we will give you an exact quote.


If the size of the cake you have selected does not provide as many servings as you will need, you can choose from the list below to supplement. Back up cakes will be cut and served by kitchen staff at your reception venue. They are a great option along with cookies, cupcakes or macarons. Backup cakes are $4 per serving and come in 8 sizes. They are not decorated. Options are listed below. 

• 6" round - $96 (12 servings)                • 7" round - $128 (16 servings)                         • 8" round - $192 (24 servings) 

• 9" round - $256 (32 servings)              • 10" round - $304 (38 servings)                     • 11" round - $368 (46 servings)

• 12" round - $448 (56 servings)            • Cupcakes- Swirled or Sprinkled - $35/dozen   • Cupcakes by Design - $65+/dozen

• Mini Cupcakes - $15 per dozen/2 dozen minimum order             •Photo Cookies & Monogrammed Cookies - $65/ dozen  

•Cookie Guest Favors (bagged and tied with matching ribbon) - Add $10.00 per dozen to any cookie order above  

•Edible Flowers from $35 each  •Macarons - $55/ dozen

Semi-naked or cakes with horizontal striping begin at $8 per serving.

Tiers covered entirely in frills begin at $10 per serving.

Fully painted designs begin at $12 per serving.

Bas-relief or appliquéd designs begin at $10 per serving.

All Gluten Free cakes start at $12 per serving.

Extras & Add-ons may affect the final pricing of your order. Please scroll down to see a list of options.

5. Back up Cakes

Creative Wedding Cake Favors

We offer a variety of cupcakes, mini cupcakes, brownie bites, mini lemon bars, macarons, monogrammed cookies and other sweet treats. Please let us know if you are interested in a sweet spread for your event!

purple cupcakes swirled gold sprinkles
Fudge Brownies
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