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I am a wedding cake decorator who also loves cake. Born and raised in San Diego, I began my love of art at an early age. I was drawn to sculpture and painting and while in high school, I knew that this was going to be the road I would follow. I attended the University of Southern California and graduated from the USC Roski School of Fine Art. After graduation, I decided I needed to spread my wings and visit places known for artistic masterpieces the world over. I packed my bags, said goodbye to everything I knew and headed for Italy. I visited museums, walked in the city squares admiring the architecture, attended operas at La Scala and enveloped myself as much as I could in the art world at that time.

It was also a great time to develop my Italian language skills which I've managed to hold onto thanks to a dear friend who is Italian and helps me stay on top of it. My appreciation for all things art began to thrive even more than I thought it would. Before moving to Europe I was a kid who loved to paint, draw and sculpt. While in Europe I became much more cognizant of my surroundings and knew that I had to find a form of artistic expression that would work for me. I spent much of my time learning about the cuisine of Italy which included numerous and interesting pastry techniques and different dessert decorating techniques. This is how, when and where my culinary journey began.


Malissa Sanfilippo
Temecula, California August 2021

In 2019 I was presented with an opportunity to return to the states. Even though I had experienced so much and grown so much, I knew it was the chance of a lifetime to come home and pursue my dream. Upon my return, I met and married the love of my life who happened to be a professional soccer player. We traveled to different cities while my husband played on different teams. I went to work in each of these fabulous cities, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Raleigh, Charleston, Rochester and Syracuse. I worked for some of the top names in the wedding cake industry. I am eternally grateful for all that they taught me and the friendships I made with these remarkably talented people. After 14 seasons with the NASL my husband retired from the world of soccer and together with our 2 little boys, we moved back to San Diego which is home to both of us. I knew then it was time to open my own wedding cake studio. After lots of encouragement from my family and friends, Violet Cake Company was born.

I thrive on quality, service and creating custom work. I believe every cake should reflect the host, the celebration and the people gathering. You are my muse. My goal is to bring out the style that reflects you. That's my art.

I'm known now for my attention to detail, my unique sugar figurines, my nod to Italy in my menus and my ability to blend styles, flavors, textures and architecture into a timeless piece of edible art. Our cakes are memorable in both look and taste. Chocolate Truffle is a fan favorite but I am partial to the Snickers flavor- it marries my ultimate love of chocolate and peanut butter.

I've been fortunate enough to have been named one of the top wedding cake artists in San Diego. I've baked for celebrities and local sports heroes but it's my husband and 2 boys (11 and 13) that are my biggest fans and toughest clients. When I'm not wrangling kids or crafting cakes, you'll find me rocking out to K-Pop (I've seen BTS live in concert and it was the best!).


Have a Sweet Day, 


a few things i believe in...


sugar flowers, wafer paper flowers, natural flowers

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