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Your Top 5 Wedding Cake Questions Answered

WEDDING CAKES  6-13-2024

         Answers to the most common questions asked about
                                               Wedding Cakes


...and then something like this arrives in my inbox.  "Oh and by the way we'd like to keep our costs down." Ok, so I'm pretty sure there is no combination of words known to man where a cake of this size and style appears in the same sentence with the words "keep costs down."  Jumbo shrimp, small crowd, pretty ugly, deafening silence. Get the idea? The intricacies of the design, the compilation of this structure and the eventual transport easily lend themselves to the draining of the cake budget and possibly the entire wedding budget. 



Having done this now for several years I decided to write this in the hopes that those who are seeking information about wedding cakes will somehow find their way to this blog. 

There are some questions that brides and grooms want answered and their inclinations to ask, order and purchase the same style of cakes for the same reasons and in the same vein are becoming more and more prevalent not to mention similar and/or parallel. These are the most common questions asked about Wedding Cakes.





















The answer is in the details alongside the devil - details details! Impossible to answer as such.  How many servings? Adults or children? what style are you aiming for? Is quality a priority? You should discuss this with your cake maker. Not all cakes and fillings will be made fresh to order and may already have been frozen. At Violet Cake Co. we make everything fresh just for you. This plus original artistry is the difference in price.




























 No Dummies here. Sometimes known as a "faux" cake, a dummy cake is hunk of styrofoam often made to look like a small, medium or large cake tier. When used as part of a cake, it is decorated in the same style and proportionate to the existing wedding cake. There are many misconceptions surrounding faux cakes. The truth is, these misconceptions are often fueled by cost concerns.

                     #4 most common misconception: Faux cakes are cheaper    

  • styrofoam is more expensive than cake batter 

  • ​it still has to be decorated

  • the time it takes to create a faux cake is equal to the time it takes to create a real cake and the actual material is just as costly if not more so

  • in the world of the cake artist, time is value



                                            $$$ money talks $$$

  • in this case your check/venmo/paypal or credit card deposit = a reservation. No ifs, no ands, no buts. First come, first served; and we aren't talking tennis.  How much lead time do we recommend?  at least 3 months - we book up fast 

       #5.CAN WE HAVE MORE THAN 1 FLAVOR IF WE ORDER A SINGLE                                               LAYER CAKE?


  • is this a trick question? 1 flavor per tier. Can't decide? Get 2 tiers. Problem solved. Our smallest 2 tiered cake serves 14.



IMG_9823 3.jpeg

The Lambeth Cake

November, 2023

At Violet Cake Co. we pride ourselves on bringing new ideas and trends to classic baking techniques. Our latest obsession? The beautifully intricate Lambeth cake, brought to life with our unique spin on vintage designs. We aim to create cakes that transport you to a world of old-world elegance and wonder. If you are captivated by ruffles, swirls, buttercream flowers with blends of traditional designs, this cake has stood the test of time. Contact us to learn more about how we can bring your cake dreams to reality.

Buttercream Roses

Celebrate with Our Artfully Crafted Wedding and Event Cakes

Wafer paper flowers, flower petals dressing up 2 tiers of creamy and moist vanilla cake. Ruffled bottom tier. Subtle hues of ivory with simple monograms. This cake was a standout at San Diego's famed US Grant Hotel. The reception was held in the historic Bivouac Ballroom, one time speakeasy and later (after prohibition) a nightclub for swing bands and Hollywood types. Perfect for vintage touches and sublime creativity. 

Each of these cakes tells a story.

Happy Birthday Bad "B*&$#h." A get-together to celebrate a very special lady whose favorite color is, of She is not shy when it comes to expressing herself even in a crowd of people, in this case her loyal fun loving fans. This was one memorable birthday as she and her guests laughed, ate cake and partied into the night. 

"Just Married." A work in progress. Shown here, just a few moments before completion, this vintage heart shaped cake was carefully transported to a giant 3 story beach home in Coronado, California. Built in the 1930's, this home's intimate and very floral backyard gave way to quiet weekend nuptials and an elegant dinner catered by one of San Diego's finest chefs.

Tale as old as Time. Beauty and the Beast inspired first date red roses and gold flourishes, embellishments. Magic floating thru the air, be our guests. A nod to animators and caricature inventors everywhere.

Life is like a bowl of cherries  the number one design embellishment from the 50's and 60's.

Think heartbeats, love, romance and sweetness. Shirley Temples on ice.

Buttercream Roses

A different spin on the most cherished and loved wedding cake writing, "Just Married." 


Weddings ...
were made for cake!

Forward thinking offerings and trends ... jaw dropping ideas from a leading designer of elegant wedding cakes in San Diego!

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Wedding Cakes near me in San Diego

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semi-naked cake 2 tier flowers
Waves cake blue white ocean

No matter your preference, know that there is a wedding cake out there which will have you shouting from the rooftops. To start the process:

  • Take some time- jot down ideas on your phone. Colors, hobbies, sentiments, styles, cultural nuances

  • Check out cake decorators in your area. Be sure to visit websites and social media. Recommendations from friends are always good.

  • Place a call to a potential cake decorator to inform them of your date. 

  • If it's a go, order a To-Go- tasting box with your 5 favorite flavors from the bakery's menu.

  • When you have thoroughly recovered from the deliciousness of your choices, select as many as you will need to accommodate each tier of your cake.

  • Call the bakery for next steps.

  • Fill out questionnaire, sign your contract and make your deposit to reserve the day.

  • Look for photos of cakes that speak to you (Pinterest is a great source).

  • Email these photos plus your ideas to your decorator.

  • Preview a sketch.

  • Repeat this last step until you and your fiancé are satisfied with the design of your cake.

  •  Check it off your list. 

  • Have a glass of something good.


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