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Wedding Cake Tasting

Updated: Jan 20

Wedding Cake Tasting Samples

From left to right: Violet Signature, Apricot Honey, Raspberry Pistachio, Chocolate Truffle and Bourbon Chai.

flavors not pictured: 24 Carrot, Cookies 'n Cream, Confetti, German, Limoncello, Maracujá, Snickers, Triple Berry, Vaniglia, Violet Signature, Yellow Brick Road

The True Story of Wedding Cake Tasting in 2024

Sure you want your wedding cake to be beautiful, but how do you want it to taste?

It must be as yummy on the inside as it is pretty on the outside. Your guests will be reveling in the elements of your celebration while sharing in your happiness after witnessing your momentous occasion. Now all you need to do is wow them with a design that is a clear reflection of your style, a palette pleaser, and sheer delight.

There are 2 of you! I've had couples tell me: well, one of us likes fruity, citrus and tart and the other one likes chocolate, snickers bars and lots of sweet cream. So how do you reconcile the 2? Order what sounds good to both of you and the question of wedding cake tasting will answer itself.


What to do

Make sure you ask about preparation. Are they prepared fresh for your tasting? Are they stored adequately so as not to absorb aromas of other cake samples around them? Our

tasting boxes are prepared fresh every weekend for our engaged couples. They are individually wrapped, labeled and placed in a box which contains samples of the same typr of flavor. Included in your tasting box is 2 forks, 2 napkins and a little container of Swiss buttercream to enjoy with every bite.

The Rules

We are committed to contactless tasting appointments. In 2020 when we were all hiding under rocks in fear of contracting Covid 19, the FDA required us to provide only contactless tasting boxes for our customers. This was a way to avoid possible contamination and the spread of this awful virus. What we found was that people loved it. No having to dress up, no having to take time out of their busy day to sit somewhere for an hour and munch on cake in front of a complete stranger. Our plan was simple: We labeled all our tasting boxes with the name and time they'd scheduled and placed them in a temperature controlled cooler out in front of the bakery. We received endless comments from couples who loved the idea of driving to us. All they had to do was reach into the cooler and grab their box! The rest was up to them.

It was an overnight hit, a sensation. Our couples loved it then and love it until this very day. We all learned something from Covid 19. Contactless tasting boxes eliminate the need for physical contact between the customer and bakery representative. The worst days of Covid are thankfully behind us but we at Violet Cake Co. recognize the fact that as long as we provide tasting boxes, and especially during the winter months, there will always be flu bugs, viruses, and other nasty things people on both sides of the transaction are hoping to avoid.

Outside the Box

The rules can change and undoubtedly will. But for now, we are practicing "safe tasting," which basically means we hand the box off to you, from one of us to you. Limited contact. It's a great compromise. For us, at this point of the war against viruses, its the right thing to do.

Schedule a Tasting

If you are in San Diego, California or are traveling to San Diego as a destination spot, sign up here to schedule a time to pick up a tasting box.

If you are not traveling to San Diego before the wedding, we've got you covered! Overnight mailing packed securely.

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